Heidi Klum reacts to Donald Trump, Target gender-neutral toys

Target announces gender-neutral children section, Melissa McCarthy clothing, Heidi Klum, Donald Trump and more

We all agreed Target did a really great thing by recently announcing changes to how they categorize and label children’s toys and clothing in order to limit gender-specific stereotyping. While not everyone agrees or is happy with this move, it’s one more example that shows our society is growing and evolving. Kudos to Target who is now going to categorize by interest or theme rather than by labeling them “boys” or “girls” toys that people think historically are only appealing to one gender or the other.

We also discussed Melissa McCarthy’s new clothing line and the reasons why she is highly discouraging the label “plus size”, as well as Heidi Klum’s light-hearted and funny reaction to Donald Trump’s ridiculous comments about her looks. 

Listen to the full recorded episode from August 19, 2015 below: