Ellen discusses Caitlyn Jenner being lukewarm about marriage equality, wearing white after Labor Day and Kim Davis

We were very happy to welcome back our panelist, the wonderful Amanda Silber (#AmandaPass) who has been away for a few weeks. She’s now officially five months pregnant with a baby GIRL, and during the show we had a chance to see ultrasound photos and hear all about her excitement as a proud new mom to be.

After a little history lesson and opinions about wearing white after Labor Day, we jumped full force into the most talked about hot topics, including the ridiculousness with Kim Davis and the media circus that it has turned into after she was being released from jail for not doing her job. We all also had strong opinions about Caitlyn Jenner’s surprising interview with Ellen, her conservative ideals and the seemingly unsupportive or perhaps indifferent feelings Caitlyn has toward marriage equality.