Cecil the lion

The killing of Cecil the Lion by US Dentist and 9 Reasons Why Dog People are Better at Realationships

This week’s episode was really focused on just a couple of topics. In particular, the US Dentist who lured a famous lion named Cecil from an animal sanctuary in Zimbabwe then proceeded to shoot him with a crossbow. The hunter injured Cecil, but did kill him until finding and shooting him again 40 hours later. All of the panelists, especially Bryan have very strong feelings against Walter Palmer, why he feels the need to shoot majestic animals in the first place, his claims that he was unaware that the lion was a “local favorite” and that the two hunting guides were acting illegally.

It’s really great to see so many people reacting so strongly and standing up against Palmer and others like him for the senseless and inhumane act of killing animals for sport. If you’re looking to do more or make a donation to help, you can visit www.wildcru.org, the organization who works to study and preserve these animals and so many others all over the world.

Transitioning from lion killing, to animal lovers, we also discussed a recent article on why dog people are better at relationships. Needless to say, Walter Palmer is probably not a dog owner and certainly not an animal lover. Check out the full episode recording below.