Belinda Carlisle

Special Guest: Belinda Carlisle

None of us could contain our excitement when we found out the fabulous, incomparable and amazingly-talented Belinda Carlisle was joining us on-air.

We’ve all been huge fans growing up through the years, especially Bryan, who has announces on multiple occasions that he loves her just as much if not more than Madonna. We all know how much he “fangirls” over the “Material Girl” so we knew at that moment that he wasn’t playing around.

It was a fantastic experience for us all to have the chance to chat with Belinda about her career, her upcoming tour, her amazing charity The Animal People Alliance ( and things to come in the future. To find out where Belinda is touring visit her website at

This week’s episode we also had special guest panelist Nicky Elliston filling in for Amanda Silber. Nicky is a dear friend of Bryan’s and very talented co-creator and co-producer, along with host Derrick Evens, of Smarter San Diego.

Check out the full episode on the player below: