Get into the zone – or HEART RATE COHERENCE.

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Guests today: 
Daniel Hendrick
Sarah Gilman
Sara Gilman, is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, specializing in the areas of trauma, addictions and performance enhancement. Graduating in 1983 with a Masters of Science degree in Clinical Psychology from CSU Fullerton. Sara is a Fellow with the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress, EMDR certified and Past-President of the EMDR International Association. She lectures and appears on TV regarding addictions, post-traumatic stress disorder and how to create your peak performance.  She is the owner and President of Coherence Assoc. Inc.
What is peek performance. Doing your best. Perform on or near your best in all circumstances, consistently – not a one shot deal.
In sport we train with nutrition, bodies, but we need to train our mental abilities and shift when the internal or external stress is up so we can move forward at the time when we need it the most.
AND notice when you are not in the zone.
If we feel differently, then our thoughts catch up. The heart is the center – it send 60 times the electrical currents than the brain. The brain and body don’t care. They take their guidance from the heart.
Change the heart rate variability – tell the brain everything is safe and I can keep going, even though this is a stretch.

Daniel’s story after break:
Student 15, taking lessons for a while. found out she was a composer. He asked her to play. It was about the pain of relationships she had in high school, and betrayal and how she connected – it was profound.
She was asked to perform in front of her peers. It lifted her conscious to a higher level as she told her truth. There is no downside to it, it is only freeing. The person who mocks that is the person in the most pain.
Have to practice this – find the place, center of gravity stabilizes, my thoughts calm, I can just perform at the highest level I can 95% of the time.
Letting go of thinking and get to BEING.
The space between the heartbeats – visualize that.
Heart is the regulator of the emotion, so start there.

3 steps:
Practice, practice, practice – heart is a muscle with memory.
Get into the zone – or HEART RATE COHERENCE.

Shift your attention to the muscle you are working on.
Heart breath – Generate a positive emotion – gratitude is a great one to start with. You know you have the FELT sense of gratitude or joy or love – you’ll know when it’s real because you will smile. Then heart says to brain – we are in the zone – efficiency,

REBOOT into Heart rate Coherence several times in the day.
This is the energy efficient zone to sustain concentration.
We can concentrate for longer periods of time.
5 minutes or 2 minutes would be great!
Best time is before bed, helps you sleep soundly and get into REM sleep more efficiently.
Sleeping more about what you need to think about – gratitude brings us into the zone and we efficiently sleep.

On Pain – Sarah:
Manage pain for the body is so much more efficient.
BREATHE into it. Find a happy memory – your happy place.

This is ideal for those with high pressure jobs and demands.