The View, Miss America Nurse, The Emmys

The View co-hosts comment on nurses controversy, the power of social media and The Emmys

We covered a lot of ground during this episode discussing various hot topics, including the recent controversial comments from ‘The View’ co-hosts Michelle Collins and Joy Behar regarding the Miss America Pageant that had nurses from all over the country up in arms and consequently caused five sponsors to pull their ads from the show.

We also shared with each other our favorite winners from the Emmys, who we wanted to win and began the conversation about how the Emmys have been deemed the “spoiler awards” by revealing the endings of popular shows. It appears that academy and producers of the Emmys seem to think that if people haven’t already finished watching certain shows that are ending, that they never will. In reality, with Netflix, Hulu and other on-demand apps and services, our TV-viewing habits have changed significantly and should be accommodated by not revealing popular series endings.

Listen to the full episode here: